COVID-19 And Moving: Three Questions To Ask Before Hiring Residential Long Distance Movers

18 August 2021
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While not ideal, many people are moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you lost your job and are moving somewhere with more job opportunities, or maybe you get to work from home now and want to move closer to your family. As you look to move, you may be considering hiring residential area long-distance movers. There are a number of questions that you should consider asking movers, including some related to the pandemic itself. Here are three questions to ask movers related to the COVID-19 pandemic before signing a contract. 

Are Employees Vaccinated or Tested? 

Movers will be coming into your home. As such, if you are concerned about COVID-19, or are living with someone who may be immunocompromised, you will want to ask a moving company if they mandate their employees to be vaccinated or tested. Private businesses are allowed to require employees to be vaccinated or to get tested on a weekly basis for the virus. Asking this helps you to determine if the movers coming into and out of your home are safe to be around during this pandemic. 

What Precautions Are the Moving Company and Movers Taking? 

Another important question to ask before hiring residential long-distance movers is what precautions the movers and moving company are taking. Does the company require movers to wear masks in your home? Is the moving company sanitizing moving trucks, dollies, and furniture blankets between customers? Different companies are taking different steps to sanitize, clean, and keep their employees and customers safe. Always find out what steps a moving customer is taking to protect you. 

Is Your Moving Company Experiencing Shipping Delays? 

The final question to ask if you are looking to hire residential area long-distance movers is whether the moving company is experiencing shipping delays. There is currently a worker shortage in many states, and truck drivers are one of the occupations where this shortage is noticeable. If a moving company is experiencing delays, you may not have your belongings as quickly as you would like. This is why it is so important to ask this question and find out how long it will take for your belongings to be transported from one destination to another. 

COVID-19 is changing the world we live in, and it is affecting many different types of businesses. If you are planning on hiring movers for an upcoming move, ask a moving company about their vaccination or testing protocols, what steps they are taking to keep you and your belongings safe, and if they are experiencing any shipping delays. The answers that companies provide to these questions may help you decide which residential long-distance movers to hire for your move.