How Hiring A Moving Service Will Prepare For Your Move

24 January 2022
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Hiring a moving service can make moving day a lot easier on you. Someone else will be responsible for lifting your heavy furniture, carrying all of your boxes, and driving the moving truck — which can give you great relief. But what customers don't always realize is that moving companies start working before the date of your actual move. Here are some things your moving service will likely do, and potentially need some of your help with, in the weeks leading up to your move.

Create an Inventory

Some moving companies create an inventory on the morning of the move, particularly if you have a smaller home or only a few things to move. But for bigger jobs, it's common for moving companies to schedule a date prior to your move for inventory purposes. They'll walk through your home, making notes of how many pieces of furniture you have, how large your appliances are, and how many items are in your cabinets and closets. This allows them to plan properly. They'll know what size truck they need, how many workers they need, and how many boxes to bring for your job. Some moving companies also adjust your quote based on what they discover during the inventory appointment.

Collect a Deposit

Most moving companies will want a deposit from you prior to the move. They'll ask you to sign a contract and provide a portion of the payment up-front. This not only assures the moving company that you're serious about hiring them, but also gives them the funds to buy boxes and other supplies for your job, if needed. Many movers are able to collect a deposit and have you sign the related documents remotely these days.

Develop a Schedule

Expect your moving company to reach out to you, prior to the move, in order to confirm the schedule. They'll likely tell you when they plan on arriving at your old home, how long they expect to take packing, and when they plan on arriving at your new home. Make sure these days and times work well for your landlords and anyone else involved in the move. If you need to make changes, let the moving company know. This is why they contact you prior to the move to confirm the schedule.

You depend on moving services to get your things from point A to point B. But their work begins before moving day. Be aware and ready for them to tackle the steps above.