How To Handle Your Valuables In A Move

5 August 2019
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A moving company can make moving a cinch, even if you're moving long-distance. Some people worry that their valuables might be misplaced or left behind in a move. Fortunately, you can prevent this unfortunate scenario by following these four steps:

1. Put small items in clear plastic bags.

When you hire professional movers, you know that everything will make it to your new house. However, that won't do you much good if you can't find everything once it arrives. Small items like earrings are prone to get lost. Make sure you know where everything is by putting small items in easy-to-find locations. Get durable, clear plastic bags and place all your jewelry and small knickknacks in them. Group similar items together and label the bags. The movers will pack them with the rest of your things, and you will be able to find them easily at your destination.

2. Keep your important documents in one area.

Most people keep all their important documents in their home. Birth certificates, medical records, and social security cards are often kept in a secure location in the house. When you move, make sure to bundle all these documents together in a place where you won't lose them. You might want to get a secure folder or binder to house them. If you typically keep your documents in a fire-safe, you can leave them where they are. The moving company can move your safe with all your documents still inside.

3. Help your kids pack.

A residential moving company will come to your house and pack everything neatly into boxes. Before they arrive, you should pack anything you want to keep with you in a suitcase. Especially when you're moving long-distance, you may not have access to your packed belongings for several weeks. If you have children, supervise their packing. Make sure they pack all the clothes they will need as well as any toys with special significance. You don't want the movers to take your things only to realize your child's teddy bear was packed away too.

4. Double-check your house before turning in your key.

Before leaving your house for the last time, take the opportunity to look around one last time. Check any nooks and crannies to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Residential moving services are very thorough, but it doesn't hurt to double-check. Look in closets, behind appliances, and behind any remaining furniture. If some of your belongings fell out of sight, the movers may not have seen it.

Look into statewide moving services near you for more information.