Where Should I Put My Piano?

30 June 2017
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Given the size and the weight, a piano can be a very challenging piece of furniture to move. For that reason, it is important that the location for the piano be chosen carefully. It will need to be placed in a location where it would be convenient and where there is extra space for it. 

Away From Windows

Keep the piano away from windows. Some homeowners may place their pianos near windows so that outsiders can have a look at the beautiful piano, but all of that sunlight can be damaging. This decision can cost a lot of money when you eventually need to have your piano repaired or replaced.

Away From Humidity And Temperature Fluctuations

Do not place the piano near air vents. These vents can cause sudden changes in temperature, can change the humidity near the piano, and will create an unstable environment that can damage it. Humidity can cause the tuning pins and strings to rust, which will affect the sound of the piano. If you will place the piano in a basement or garage, make sure that it is climate-controlled. 

In A Convenient Location

Pianos do not necessarily have to be placed in the location where they will be enjoyed. Pianos can be heard throughout the home in most cases. If the piano will be used for practicing what is learned after piano lessons, it may be helpful to have a private room where the piano player can concentrate. Also, the flooring can affect how the piano will sound. If the room is carpeted, the piano will sound more muted. If the room has tiles, the piano will sound more like what is heard during an opera. 

Next To A Wall

If the piano has a flat back, it is most often placed against the wall. The flat back is not attractive to look at. However, if the back is not flat, it does not necessarily need to be placed against the wall. 

In A Room That Isn't Cluttered

The piano looks best in a room that is not too cluttered. Otherwise, the minimalist corner where the piano is placed will clash with the clutter throughout the rest of the room. Also, the clutter will distract from the beauty of the piano.

Because of the amount of work that is required to move a piano, it is recommended that you have it moved by professionals. A piano can be delicate, and the damage that would result from incorrectly moving a piano would cost more than the cost of having the piano moved in the first place. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Correira Brothers' Moving and Storage.