Tips To Prepare An Aquarium For A Move

28 January 2016
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If you have a large scale fish tank in your home that contains several hundred gallons of water, then you may dread moving the tank from your old home to your new one. Professional movers can take care of the glass tank itself, as well as filters and other fish care accessories. However, you will need to do many things leading up to the move to make sure that your fish can be placed safely back into the tank afterwards. Keep reading to learn about what you need to do on the day of the move.

Move As Much Water As You Can

The easiest solution to deal with the water in your fish tank is to remove it and pour it down the drain. Unfortunately, this can leave your fish quite stressed once the tank is set up in your new home. This is the case due to the wide range in water pH differences that you may see from one area to another. In general, water pH will range from 6 to 8.5. While many different types of fish can live in both slightly acidic and slightly basic water, a sudden change in water pH can stress out your fish. To avoid this issue, make sure to pack and move as much water from the fish tank as you can. This way, your small weekly water changes can help to slowly introduce your fish to the water in your new home that is probably at least a little different in terms of chemistry.

It is best to start packing the water from your fish tank on the day of your move. Purchase plastic water storage tanks for this. Keep in mind that a single gallon of water weighs about 8.3 pounds, so try not to purchase containers that hold more than about 20 gallons of water. These containers will weigh 166 pounds each and your movers will likely need to use dollies to move the containers in the same way they would move heavy furniture.

When separating water into containers, make sure to place a small amount in a cooler for your fish. Also, fill up several gallon-sized resealable bags and place your aquarium filters in them. This will help to keep the beneficial bacteria alive during the moving process.

Secure Your Fish

Once you have filled a small cooler with water, use a fish net to move your fish into the container one by one. If you are moving a short distance, then close the lid of the cooler as soon as the fish are secured inside so the water does not lose a great deal of heat. If you are moving more than a few hours away, then you will need to place a bubbler in the container as well as a heater. The heater will keep the water at a temperature that is desirable for your fish and the bubbler will add oxygen to the water. Use the heater from your tank and make sure that it is completely covered by the water in the cooler to reduce overheating concerns. You will also need a vehicle outlet inverter that turns your car's cigarette lighter into an outlet to plug the heater and bubbler in.

When you are ready, place a small amount of an aquarium destressing additive to the cooler and place the container either in your own car or the cab of the moving van. Once the aquarium and the fish make it to your new home, set up the aquarium, replace the water, and add the fish.

Moving can be difficult, especially if you have an item like a fish tank you want to take with you. Thankfully, aquariums can be moved with the assistance of your movers as long as you pack up the water and the fish yourself on the day of the move. For more information about moving valuable or complicated things, contact a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.